About WoodLab

Founded in Boise, Idaho in November 2017, we are a close-knit team of family members and friends. As artisans and visionaries, our passion for old world values led us out of our cubicles and into a father's legacy wood shop in Eagle, Idaho.

With lovingly curated tools and patiently preserved walnut wood that was felled and planed up to 40 years prior, we began the laborious yet fulfilling process of restoring old wood with modern techniques. 

Are you interested in seeing some of work or commissioning a river table or special piece for your home or place of work? We'd love to chat. Please contact us to set up an appointment or to inquire about our company and products. 

Modern Style + Old World Quality

Our collection of solid wood live edge furniture, household goods and art showcases our passion for the fulling process of design, restoration and building beautiful + useful things that can last a lifetime.

Sustainable, Local and Eco-Friendly

Everything we do and produce is based on a sustainable, eco-friendly and local-maker ethos. We have partnered with a family mill in Marsing, Idaho where we source the locally sourced, sustainably acquired wood slabs that we sell and use for our furniture projects. We work with local artisans like metalworkers, sign makers and reclaimed lumber operations. 

We believe in support small, buy local, using reclaimed and eco-friendly products and doing meaningful work with our hands, hearts and minds in order to produce sustainable, high-quality furniture for our customers. 

live edge old growth wood slabs

live edge + resin furniture

EcoPoxy products

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