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Apricot Wood and Caviar Black Island Side Table

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Black beauty. Wonderfully bespoke and mysterious. This deeply figured table was created from an old apricot tree that was felled in an Eagle, Idaho yard many years ago. It was dried and stored in a wood shed, where we found this richly detailed slab.

Apricot wood is a hardwood and is closely related to cherry, but is actually harder and more rare. Working with this slab has been a joy, since it is so uncommon and has such a compelling linear grain. Of particular interest is the curly bark - a feature that we left intact for intrigue.

The rounded apricot island slab is "marooned" in a metallic caviar black epoxy, adding a restrained moodiness to this intriguing wood.

The epoxy river was created with EcoPoxy™ Liquid Plastic - the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market. 

To finish this singular table, we used Odie's Oil, a food-safe, non-toxic old-world formula that is renown among woodworkers and artists. Odie's also protects the surface from stains, moisture and water. 

Handcrafted steel legs anchor the dark top, retaining its mysterious and design-centric vibe.  

Dimensions: 23" long X 15 5/8" wide X 1 1/8" thick X 20 3/8" high

Our Design Process:

All items are handmade in Boise, Idaho using reclaimed and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We design and create each table from scratch, selecting each piece of wood for it's distinctive character. With each slab and board we select, we carefully determine what the best use for it would be. Once the creation process begins, we follow time-honored and modern fabrication techniques. In the end, each piece is unique and lovingly crafted.

Custom Orders:

Since each piece is unique, we can custom create a similar table, with your own tastes and needs incorporated. Please contact us for a custom quote.