Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining at Caci's in Eagle, Idaho

We had a touchdown of our own yesterday on Superbowl Sunday: we had the pleasure of delivering a finished live edge slab dining table to our friends at Caci's Grill (@caci_grill) in Eagle, Idaho. Caci's is a newly opened wood-fired Sicilian Grill concept. It's in a beautiful new building with reclaimed wood on the outside - perfect for our wood-loving tastes. 

The restaurant features an exclusive floor-to-ceiling window dining nook looking toward the river. The dining area floods with natural light and provides a tucked away dining area for groups and special occasions. Knowing that the table needed to be the interior highlight of the space, the owner, CJ (@cjcacioppo), had picked out a thick slab from a local mill for this special space. While the slab was thick and had fantastic burl and curl, it also was warped and had a plethora of wormholes – but one fantastic void in the center. It was a challenge to refine it and make it elegant and food-safe, but keep it rustic and as natural as possible, as CJ had requested.   

To that end, we spent many hours planing, sanding and filling and sanding yet again. ⁣We used EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic to fill the voids and used the EcoPoxy pearl metallic pigment for the silvery white river and void fills. 

The worm holes and live end needed an abundance of filling and sanding to get it to a restaurant-safe stage. We filled many of the worm holes with a similarly colored wood filler to retain their original look, while others we filled with UVPoxy for visual variety.

⁣The client had made it clear that while he loved the tone of the natural wood, he didn’t want to induce any additional peach tones with the finishing stains. So, we tested ten different Rubio Monocoat stains (@RubioMonocoatUSA) and Odies Oil

While we love Odie’s for the food-safe and water-resistant finish it provides, the oil amplified the peach undertones. After testing Rubio pigments, we settled on “White” because it left the wood closest to its original state in hue and tone, but provided a non-toxic, food-safe and durable finish needed for a high-trafficked restaurant dining table. ⁣

⁣In the end, we hope the rustic yet refined final product retains the story of the tree while bringing durable modern utility to the space. ⁣

⁣If you’re in Boise and haven’t tried the wood-fired focused-menu at Caci’s, go check them out for lunch or dinner and be sure to check out the table in the glass dining nook! ⁣ 

Need a custom dining table? Send us a quick note or DM us on Instagram with your ideas!

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