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Australian Maelee C-Table Encapsulated in a Shimmering Blue / Red River

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We rescued this beautiful piece of olive wood from a grove in California that was chopped down a few years ago. The wood was dried and kilned and has now been made into a striking C-table with highly swirled emerald epoxy encasing the wood.

Bare-metal hand-forged steel legs, sanded and clear coated accentuate the overall look, but don't take away from the beauty of the table top. 

C-tables make wonderfully useful side and under-the-sofa-tables due to the open leg structure. A great table top to place your drink while sitting on the sofa and relaxing.

To finish this table, we used Osmo Polyx-Oil in a satin finish. Osmo creates some of the world's best solid wood finishes which finish non-toxic and are eco-friendly.

The finish is also very durable, meaning that you don't have to baby your custom wood table. It will weather use well. Should anything happen to the table top surface, you can easily re-finish it if you ever wished to. (You can't do that with veneers!) It should last a lifetime. 


Wood top is 17.75" long X 12" wide X 1.5" thick and total height including the base is 26.5". Total height to underside of metal is 24". 

All items are handmade in Eagle, Idaho using reclaimed and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We design and create each table from scratch, selecting each piece of wood for it's unique grain and character, then prep and create each item with a meticulous fabrication and finishing routine until it's perfect. Each piece is made with pride and designed to reflect its own individual character. This means that each piece will be unique and there will be slight variations from the photos.

We source urban rescued wood, which means that the trees used were felled electively by homeowners and businesses due to space constraints or minor damage. We work with local mills and arborists to ensure the trees were sustainably salvaged right here in the Treasure Valley or in nearby Eastern Oregon, California and Washington.

Once milled, the wood is air-dried for a number of years and then kiln-dried for optimal moisture content and usability.

We exclusively use EcoPoxy, the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market. It is made from natural materials. It doesn't smell or off-gas and is people and pet-friendly (environmentally friendly, allergy friendly, no VOC once dried and non-toxic).

Shipping times are generally 4-5 business days nationwide, but can be less if we are shipping in the West. We might use UPS or an independent freight LTL carrier. We will inform you of the shipping details and ask that you be available to receive the shipment when it arrives.

This is a listing for a finished table, but we can custom-make a table to your specs. If you have an idea that you’d like us to design and build, but don’t see a listing for it, please message us to start the conversation! We are happy to send you a quote for any customizations that you might be looking for.