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Black Walnut Side Table with Mauve River

Regular price $395.00 USD
Regular price $795.00 USD Sale price $395.00 USD

A forked river cuts a diagonal swath through the premium local black walnut wood in this handcrafted side table with a mid-century modern vibe. The epoxy is tinted mauve with hints of grey and pearl white.

The table is finished with handcrafted steel legs for a substantial look and stable design. The matte coating keeps the focus on the luxurious table top. 

The river was created with EcoPoxy™ FlowCast - the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market. 

The table is finished with Odie's Oil, a food-safe, non-toxic old-world formula that is renown among woodworkers and artists. You can use Odie's Oil to maintain this piece on your own. Just apply a little oil, let it set in, then buff with a cloth. Odie's also protects the surface from stains, moisture and water. 


20.25" long X 14" wide X 1.5" thick X 18" high