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Custom Dining Table

Regular price $3,950.00 USD
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Our Signature custom American elm, Black Walnut, or similar lighter colored wood species such as maple, oak, sycamore, catalpa, or ash, dining table with an epoxy resin river down the center of the table starts with dimensions of 72"x36" and costs $3950. It comes with a fairly straight epoxy resin river of your desired color and straight cut outer edges on all 4 sides. Rectangular metal legs in your choice of color are included in the price and are made of 3"x1" tube steel. Table height is typically 30" but can be modified upon request.

For each additional increment of table size in length or width, the price increases by $500. Widths increase in 6" increments and lengths increase in 12" increments. So a table with an increase of width from 36" to 44" costs $4450. A table that increases the length from 72" to 84" costs $4450. A table with an increase in both length and width, from 72"x36" to 84"x44" costs $4950 and so on for each jump in size of both length or width. All our table legs are attached to the base of your table using brass, threaded inserts and heavy duty bolts. You are able to disconnect the legs in the future if needed.

The drop-down menu above lists various table sizes and when one is selected, it automatically adjusts the table price. There is also a drop-down option for a custom epoxy river color. Custom colors are included in the price and do not cost extra. If the color you desire is not listed, simply select "other" and then specify at checkout.

As the length of your table increases in size, we recommend increasing the size of the tube steel used for the metal legs. For tables between 96" and 108" long we recommend upgrading the tube steel to 2"x4" which costs an additional $300 from the base table price. For tables longer than 108" we recommend upgrading to 2"x6" tube steel which costs an additional $550 from the base table price.

We optimize the placement of the legs for comfortably seating as many guests as possible. Standard rule-of-thumb is to allow 22" for each chair along the length of the table. 

Additional leg styles are available such as waterfall legs, tapered legs, X-shaped legs, Z-shaper legs, hourglass shaped legs etc., and all cost an additional fee and as noted above, should use thicker steel as the length of the table increases as described above.

Wood legs, made of solid wood the same as the species chosen for the table top, are available for an additional upgrade of $700.

Another common feature request is the addition of islands or peninsulas in the river section of the table. These can be added upon request and typically cost $250 extra per island.  

All our tables are finished with Osmo hard wax oil. It is plant based and eco-friendly. There are no VOC's or harmful chemicals in the Osmo product line, and all the finishes are food safe and very durable. Osmo simulates the durability of a polyurethane but without the toxins and absorbes deeply into the wood so you can still feel the actual wood grains along the surface of your table. The surface will be waterproof and resistant to stains and can be cleaned with soap and water or a hard wax oil cleaner.

Maintenance of your table is very easy and we provide a maintenance kit with each dining table. It comes with a cleaning solution designed for hard wax oil finishes (linked above) and and extra can of oil that can be used to touch up the surface if ever needed in the future.

If you are local to the Treasure Valley area and would like the "in-person" experience of participating in the epoxy river pour of your table, that is available for an additional cost of $300.

If you are wanting live edges along the length of the outer edges of your table, please see our live-edge dining table listing with pricing details. Live edges increase the price of the table significantly.

Our Signature American elm or similar species and epoxy river dining table is made from urban rescued wood, locally and sustainably sourced. The resin river accentuates the live edge slabs and adds an artistic element to the richly grained wood. 

Any options listed above that are not automatically added to the prices in the drop-down menu can be requested at checkout or via post-checkout communication. We can send a separate invoice for the difference in price for features such as islands, wood legs, or custom shaped legs.

Table tops can be made without legs if desired. This would allow you to use whatever legs or base you choose and install it yourself. A reduction in price is available if you go this route. Alternatively, you can purchase a base and ship it to us and we will install the table top for a fee. The fee would be determined once the complexity of the installation is assessed by us. 

Pictured to the left, are examples of custom tables made for previous clients. 

From "tree to table," everything we do and produce is based on a sustainable, eco-friendly and community ethos. Each piece has a story - from the wood growing up strong in local properties, to our friend + family team and the careful sourcing of non-toxic materials and finishes. We craft with respect for history, modern sustainable practices and heirloom quality so that you can enjoy your one-of-a-kind piece for a lifetime. 

We exclusively use EcoPoxy Flowcast for our river tables. EcoPoxy has a high bio-content and is the most eco-friendly and non-toxic deep pour epoxy resin on the market. 

There is no off-gassing of our products. They are allergy-friendly and are generally safe for people with multiple chemical sensitivities. 

We ship our tables all around the world and will work with a freight broker to find the best LTL rates and price for you. We build a custom crate for your table and carefully pack it for long-haul freight travel. Please contact us with your custom specs and address and we can obtain a shipping quote for you.

Local delivery to the Treasure Valley, Idaho is free within 30 minutes of our shop in Eagle.