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Custom Furniture

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We love creating unique items for our customers. Since each piece is unique, we can custom create a table similar to our inventory - or a new creation all its own with your own tastes and needs incorporated.

Please contact for a custom quote. 

Our Design Process:

All items are handmade in Boise, Idaho using reclaimed and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We design and create each table from scratch, selecting each piece of wood for it's distinctive character.

With each slab and board we select, we carefully determine what the best use for it would be. Once the creation process begins, we follow time-honored and modern fabrication techniques. In the end, each piece is unique and lovingly crafted.

Wood options:

  • black walnut
  • white oak
  • silver maple
  • spalted maple
  • catalpa
  • American elm
  • ash
  • sycamore
Color options:

Please contact us for custom colors. Please send an image of a similar color to what you would like when contacting us.

EcoPoxy metallics: dolphin grey, pearl white, manatee grey, guava, rum, hammock brown, sandal, coral, shipwreck brown, maui blue, americana red, emerald, lager, cabana, palapa, overcast, azure blue, caribbean blue, driftwood, ocean blue, sandbar gold, avocado, sangria, cannon, mango. (These can be used as single color tints or combined to create unique tones).

EcoPoxy solid colors: white, black, brown, red, purple, blue, green, yellow. (These can be used sparingly for a slightly transparent effect, or to create an opaque resin river).