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EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 1.5 Liter Kit (2:1 mix)

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New Product! This is a new smaller size for Liquid Plastic 2:1.

EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 2 to 1 (resin to hardener) is an ideal choice for river tables, strengthening cracked wood, encasement and pours that are thicker than 1/4 inch. The 2:1 kit provides a hard finish for woodworking applications, but can also bond with stone, metal, concrete, ceramics and other materials. 

Liquid Plastic can be poured at any thickness and cures to a water like appearance. EcoPoxy is the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market of its type. You don't need to wear a respirator while using Liquid Plastic. 

This is the most popular product that you see being used on Instagram by top makers to create river tables, slab encasements, fill deep voids, strengthen reclaimed wood and create some epoxy artwork. 

Liquid Plastic is a high performance, natural and bio-based, 100% solids, two component, commercial grade epoxy formulated for a long gel time, low exothermic heat buildup. At a 2:1 ratio, Liquid Plastic will cure with a hard finish that will resist scratch and will not crack.

Liquid Plastic is perfect for casting and see through encapsulation of objects such as Coins, Photos, Wood, Metal, Concrete, Granite, Copper, Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Leather, Ceramic, Artwork, Rocks, Sea Shells, Fabrics, Paper, Dried Plants and much more Liquid Plastic is crystal clear and brilliant; it accentuates and magnifies the objects it encapsulates.