Custom: Live-Edge Black Walnut Serving Board with Resin River

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Our old-growth solid live-edge black walnut serving boards are full of character and beauty. They make conversation-starting display pieces, serving boards, charcuterie boards or can be used as cutting boards to allow a a used patina over time. 

For our resin rivers, we use EcoPoxy™ Liquid Plastic or UVPoxy - the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market. 

Our custom serving boards are handmade by our team in Boise, Idaho

Color options

Please contact us for custom colors combinations made by combining metallics and solids. 

Metallics: dolphin grey, pearl white, manatee grey, guava, rum, hammock brown, sandal, coral, shipwreck brown, maui blue, americana red, emerald, lager, cabana, palapa, overcast, azure blue, caribbean blue, driftwood, ocean blue, sandbar gold, avocado, sangria, cannon, mango. (These can be used as single color tints or combined to create unique tones).

Solid colors: white, black, brown, red, purple, blue, green, yellow. (These can be used sparingly for a slightly transparent effect, or to create an opaque resin river).

Wood options

  • walnut
  • maple
  • ash
  • elm
  • apricot (limited availability)

Size options

  • small (approx. 12" long X 6" high and 2" thick)
  • medium (approx. 18" long X 10" high and 2" thick)
  • large (approx. 24" long X 10" high and 2" thick)