Old-Growth Burl Walnut and Black Resin Charcuterie Board

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This board is like history in a houseware. This burl walnut piece was exquisitely grained but too delicate to become furniture. It needed restoration and in the process, more material broke off due to age. But, we salvaged enough to create these rare charcuterie boards.

Use this as a serving board or as a countertop display. It's unique design and rare wood will be a conversation starter and reclaimed wood relic in your home. 

Dimensions: approximately 20" L (to handle) x 9" W 

About our charcuterie boards: 

Our handcrafted live-edge charcuterie boards are the answer to stylish, multi-functional, sustainable serveware. The handles have been designed to give you a solid grip on the board, letting you go from countertop to table with ease. When not in use, these charcuterie boards make beautiful countertop decor; or, for more drama, use them as functional art. 

Each board is unique and as such, the grain pattern and coloration of the wood will vary from piece to piece. We only use food-safe, non-toxic finishes on our serving boards.

Dimensions: 26"L X 12" W X .75" D / 24"L X 10"W X .75" D

The finish: 

This board is finished with Odie's Oil, a food-safe, non-toxic old-world formula that is renown among woodworkers and artists. You can use Odie's Oil to maintain this piece on your own. Just apply a little oil, let it set in, then buff with a cloth. Odie's also protects the surface from stains, moisture and water. 

Epoxy fills:

We fill voids using EcoPoxy™ Liquid Plastic - the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market. It creates a seamless, integrated attachment to the wood, ensuring integrity and food safety. 

Custom Charcuterie Orders

If you have a custom request for a specific color of epoxy or size that you'd like, please let us know and we'll be happy to send you a custom order invoice.