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Silver Maple and Golden Resin River Coffee Table

Sale price $2,500.00 Regular price $3,000.00

This is a listing for a custom piece that can be created to be very similar to the table shown here.

This urban salvaged silver maple slab has found a gilded second life. We selected particular sections of the slab for this table, taken by its figure and wormholes.

The tree had huge limbs that protruded from these cross sections, so there are tight grain lines with exceptional color. A worm infestation had burrowed into one area and created depth of color and design. Turning flaws into features, we used non-toxic EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic to reinforce the wormhole section and create a flowy river.

Coupled with the custom golden metallic pigment mix, it provides deep contrast to the golden hues of the epoxy and wood. ⁣

The legs are handcrafted from steel. They can be painted gold if you prefer. 

Dimensions: 46" long X 21" wide X 2" thick X 18" high