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Solid Black Walnut and Gold River Side Table - 2 (set)

Regular price $1,175.00

Luxe and gilded. These black walnut and gold river tables are handcrafted by our Boise-based team from reclaimed Treasure Valley live-edge old-growth walnut wood and feature a golden EcoPoxy river, which shines and reflects light. 

Handmade walnut legs provide heft and a seamless look with the walnut tops. 

There are two of these tables, as identical as they can be, but still having their own one-of-a-kind characteristics. You recommend purchasing these as a set and using them on either end of a sofa. 

When sold as a set, we will provide a 15% discount on the pair. 

Dimensions: 22 3/4" long X 15 1/2" wide X 2" thick X 20" high

Our Design Process:

All items are handmade in Boise, Idaho using reclaimed and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We design and create each table from scratch, selecting each piece of wood for it's distinctive character. With each slab and board we select, we carefully determine what the best use for it would be. Once the creation process begins, we follow time-honored and modern fabrication techniques. In the end, each piece is unique and lovingly crafted.

Custom Orders:

Since each piece is unique, we can custom create a similar table, with your own tastes and needs incorporated. Please contact for a custom quote.