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Solid Black Walnut Live-Edge and Caribbean Blue Epoxy River Table

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This is a signature piece. The river is as close to real water it gets. But a warning: looking into it for long might induce daydreaming of being on water. 

This particular slab is full of character: it has this amazingly integrated sap wood and ring swirls that is pretty rare. The slab is thick, around 2.5" and lends a very solid heft to the table. 

Handcrafted from a single live-edge black walnut slab. Caribbean blue EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic was used to pour the river, which shines and reflects light, adding all kinds of dimension.

This is a substantial piece of furniture but has a peaceful element that tends to make people stop and take notice of it. 

Reclaimed steel modern square legs elevate and ground the piece.

Dimensions: 45.5" long X 22" wide X 1 3/8" thick X 17 3/8" high