Solid Black Walnut Live-Edge and Ocean Blue Epoxy River Coffee Table

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This item has been sold and was a one-of-a-kind. You can request a similar table through our custom furniture listing or by contacting us.

Boise Blue. The wood is quintessential walnut: a deep brown, with subtle even grain and even tones. The river is an ocean blue. The combination is undeniably beautiful and forever classic. It's restrained, dependable and fluid, like our beloved Boise River. 

Handcrafted from a single live-edge black walnut slab. EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic was used to pour the river, which shines and reflects light, adding dimension.

This is a substantial piece of furniture but has a peaceful element that tends to make people stop and take notice of it. 

Handcrafted steel modern square legs elevate and ground the piece.

Dimensions: 45.5" long X 20" wide X 1 7/8" thick X 18" high