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Wood Wall Art

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At Woodlab, we use beautiful hardwoods with incredible character and the wood slab speaks for itself - sourced from homes and properties around the Treasure Valley in Idaho. These are literally "old wood" slabs that are getting more difficult to find - or afford. The pages of it

We use non-toxic, no- and low-VOC finishes on our wood products. This is a healthy product - for you and the planet. We only use old wood - which means that we are not downing trees to create our products. We source from family mills that have relationships with the community and only take down trees that have lived their best life and need to be removed - either due to getting too large for their own good, or for the space that they are in.

We are blessed to be able to work with such amazing wood and good-natured people who love the stuff as much as we do. From start to finish, our processes at Woodlab are environmentally friendly and people-centric.