Woodlab & Olive & Vyne Talk Charcuterie!



"When family and friends gather, make it an especially memorable experience that will compel everyone to gather even more often." That's how owners Tara Bruner and her parents Cheryl and Greg Neruda feel about hospitality. 


Their passion for culinary adventure led them to purchase Olive and Vyne in 2020. Via their boutique shop in Eagle, Idaho, their goal is to share the very best olive oils, balsamic vinegars and wine from around the world so that customers can transform their everyday meals into “gastronomic delights” that inspire more memorable gatherings. 


Plus, incorporating handcrafted functional art  into meals, like WoodLab's charcuterie boards, further elevates visual feasts and lends an heirloom quality to food display. 


Since charcuterie, cheeses and wine are natural pairings, serving them at gatherings brings people together in a special way, encouraging extra conversation and tasting notes.  When you take a bite of aged cheese then sip a crisp white, it's easy to comment on the flavor combinations and ask others their thoughts as well. All this elegant imbibing and sharing makes memories more vibrant as new taste profiles are experienced and shared. 


Plus, having an elevated art piece that reveals it's character as food disappears from the board provides another layer of artisan dimension to the event. Seeing a beautiful piece of art gives you a feeling of calmness and inspiration...just like the food and wine. It all just makes people feel good. 


Olive and Vyne have been retailers for WoodLab's charcuterie boards for a few years now. Our boards have been so in demand at their store that they strive to keep a continually changing array of inventory in stock. No two boards are the same, so the continual flow of new boards makes visiting their store even more exciting. 


Since storytelling is inherent in special meals, it might inspire you to know that WoodLab charcuterie boards also have stories. Many of our boards started as trees that grew for decades in someone's yard and once their size or health called for it, they were cut down. But due to relationships with arborists, those precious trees were rescued from being chipped or cut to firewood - and instead were milled into slabs and kiln dried. Then, after a year or two of drying, we then use the urban rescued wood for products like tables, art and of course, our charcuterie boards. 


When we make boards, we design each layout to optimize live edges, knots, grain patterns and inclusions before we select colors. The epoxy is crystal clear, so we mix in metallic pigment flakes engineered to suspend in the resin, giving it a sense of depth and movement. For solid colors, we use a liquid pigment instead. The entire process is by hand, making each board even more special.  


Artisan products like sustainable wood boards, gourmet oils, aged vinegars and fine wines make sumptuous pairings for everyday meals or special gatherings. Olive and Vyne carry it all! They even ship nationwide. 


We absolutely love collaborating with the Olive and Vyne team and through our shared artisan offerings, look forward to helping more people elevate their memorable gatherings!

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