President & COO

David Gosse

An expert in resins & woodworking, manages client communications and general business operations. Started the company with his partner, Tim, when the non-toxic deep-pour resin hit the market and became popular.


Tim Jorgensen

A master craftsman and woodworker, oversees project creation from start to finish. Tim works in the shop, while David manages the business side.

Client Support/Marketing

Jennifer Gosse

A (sometimes) work-at-home mom and David's wife, Jennifer is in charge of social channels and product promotion.

Automation Engineer

Mike Hofer

The brains behind every technical feat and lighting design, Mike programs and designs tailor-made lighting for each unique project, and works with our partnerships to create extraordinary designs.

Corporate Accounts

Gail Heggen

Gail works remotely as an extension of accounting. She deals with B2B traffic.

Layout Fabrication & Design

Ben Jorgensen

Ben is an expert craftsman with an eye for detail and talented in artistic design. Ben takes pieces (and even slabs) of wood and shapes them into a layout, which then is put into production.

Charcuterie Manufacturing

Andy Waldner

Andy inspects and works with every charcuterie board we have produced. He works with his grandson Dillian to see every board through the manfucaturing and finishing process.

Andy also runs on most furniture deliveries.

General Accounting

Bill DeCordova

Bill works both in the office and remotely, managing business accounting alongside David. He also manages the accounting timeline.

E-commerce & Web Management

Sam Jorgensen

Tim & Ben's Nephew, Sam oversees much of the shipments and orders that come into the shop. Sam also works with website design and sales channels.

Auxillary Staff

Duke Gosse

A fast-growing young boy, David and Jennifer's son. Sometimes he can be spotted in the shop or on a social media post, 'helping out'. His favorite job is helping move tables around, or working with the drill.

Auxillary Staff


Gonzuela usually sleeps during the day, and is most active in the evening. Despite his poor sense of direction and relatively low stamina, rest assured that he will try his best to keep the showroom floor spick and span.

  • Anthony Holzapple

    Holzapple Custom Designs, LLC

    Anthony works with custom designs and CNC machining. We work with him to bring custom designs to life.

  • Matt Heim

    An expert designer, Matt uses CAD software and plans out the details of the most intricate projects. While similar to Mike's work, Matt focuses more on digital artistic design.

  • Sam Beatty

    We work with Sam from C&S Welding to provide most of our metalwork, from standard to custom base designs.