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General Questions

Do you have a showroom? Can I visit?

Yes, we have a showroom!

We are open Mon-Thurs 9-5 and Fridays 9-3.

You can find us at 1786, E. State Street, Eagle, ID 83616.

Enter the Eagle industrial complex and follow the parking lot to the back, make a left, and you'll see our shop!

How/When do I maintain my product?

You only need to perform maintenance when it's needed to keep your items in top shape. We have a guide on the process here.

How do you ship items?

For items in size up to side tables, we prefer UPS shipping whenever possible. For larger tables, we make a custom crate to hold it and ship it via an LTL carrier.

What if I want to return my item?

If you find a reason to return the item you bought, please reach out to us so that we can ensure you are properly taken care of.

  • If you bought a board from the showroom directly, you can bring it in with proof of purchase.


What colors do you offer?

We can make virtually any color by combining the various pigments that result in various shades. Because of how the epoxy cures, there is usually a slight color variance that enhances the depth of the piece as a whole. We can also create fully opaque colors.

In terms of wood, we can work with any hardwood. Black walnut has a more traditional brown color, while woods like Elm or Box Elder are a much lighter color.

What tech features do you offer?

We offer several features that enhance the function of our products. LED river lighting is a popular design choice with our rivers. We also feature embedded wireless charging, A/V ports, USB, and standard power, all with nearly invisible cable management.

I saw one of your items elsewhere. Can you make me one like it?

Absolutely! We can work with various designs to match the look you're going for. Keep in mind it would be considered a custom project, and that we are unable to recreate the same exact design twice due to the unique wood and epoxy patterns.

I don't see the item I want listed. Can you make it?

Yes! We have made truly unique projects in the past. You can reach out to us to discuss designs and pricing.

Custom Projects

How do I customize my project?

You can find customizable furniture and boards under custom services. If you'd like to make something beyond what those pages offer, you can use the Build-your-own designer or contact us.

How much does custom cost?

Custom projects receive custom pricing. Our rule of thumb is that a custom piece is around 2x the cost of spec items, but pricing is unique to the project.

How long does it take to make a custom project?

Our lead time is typically 8-12 weeks from payment to finished product.


What Resin do you use?

We use a variety of Ecopoxy's resins as well as SuperClear Liquid Glass.

What Finishes do you use?

We use osmo for our furniture, and Odie's Oil for our charcuterie boards and smaller items.

We also use a ceramic top coat on furniture for scratch resistance.

Can I buy supplies/materials and make my own piece?

Absolutely! We resell all of the products that we use, including the wood slabs, epoxy, and pigments.

Where do you source your wood?

We try to source our wood as locally as possible, but we do source wood from various places in the Northwestern US.

How are the legs made?

We source our legs from local welders nearby that can accommodate custom designs. For spec items, tube steel is used.