Charcuterie Boards

Boards that aren't the exact sizes below are priced according to the closest size they resemble.

  • Standard Boards

    • 9x12 $135
    • 12x12 $145
    • 12x16 $155
    • 16x16 $165
    • 16x20 $175
    • Handled $185
  • Premium Boards

    • 9x12 $165
    • 12x12 $175
    • 12x16 $185
    • 16x16 $195
    • 16x20 $205
    • Handled $250
  • Exotic Boards

    • 9x12 $230
    • 12x12 $240
    • 12x16 $250
    • 16x16 $260
    • 16x20 $270
    • Handled $350
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Boards start at $135 and increase by $10 for each size.

  • If the board is made with premium wood, it costs an additional $30.
  • If the board is made with exotic wood, it costs an additional $95.

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Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing is 20% less than the prices listed above, unless otherwise specified.


Because of their size and character, tables are priced individually. Note that the prices below are based on Black Walnut pricing and other wood prices may vary.

  • If you plan to customize your table, check the custom section below.
  • Dining Tables

    Dining Tables start at $4950 with dimensions of 36" x 72".

    • For each increase of 12" length, the price increases $500.
    • For each increase of 6" width, the price increases $500.
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Custom projects are typically invoiced based on the materials used, the designs included, and other costs from the levels of customization.

  • Customized Items

    If you like something that we already offer but just want to change a detail, size, or color, it may resemble the pricing above. Common customizations include:

    • Size, color, and layout
    • Custom engravings & designs
    • Leg styles & Colors
    • Advanced power management, connectivity, and electronics (For Business customers)

    Not everything we offer is on our website! You may want to reach out to us if you don't see the options you need.

    Customizable Listings 
  • Custom Projects

    We specialize in artistic designs and unique products that are superior in both form and function. For special projects, reach out to us to discuss details and pricing.

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