Product Maintenance

Maintaining your furniture over time. Using Osmo and white/grey application pads

Here is a list of steps to quickly repair the areas that need some touch-up:

  1. Maintenance of your table top is only required on an as needed basis. If there is nothing wrong with the surface and it looks good, then there is no required annual or other interval routine maintenance. It is just as needed.
  2. In any effected areas that seem discolored, wet, scratched etc., first start with the 400 grit grey sanding pad that is included (which can be purchased at any big box store) and lightly sand the areas that need it. If the areas do not quickly repair and even out, then consider using a 320 grit sand paper and orbital sander, which will remove more material more quickly. You can spot-sand the table surface, or the entire surface as needed.
  3. If you do use a lower grit to remove any effected areas, you will want to work back up through the grits. For example, fi you needed to go down to the 240 grit, you would want to go over top of that area with the 320 grit and then the 400 grit before you apply the finishing oil.
  4. Once you believe the area is sanded to your liking, wipe away any of the sawdust so the surface is now free of any material and ready to be oiled.
  5. Open the can of Osmo 3043 oil and stir thoroughly. Using the white Scotch-Britepad (cut a small 2" ×4" piece off the large pad), dip the pad into the Osmo and lightly coat the white pad. Using as little oil as possible is best.
  6. Gently and evenly, apply the Osmo oil using the white pad to the sanded areas on the table.
  7. Grab a blue paper shop towel and after about 5 minutes since the Osmo was applied, gently buff off the oil that has not absorbed into the wood. Make sure there are no streaks in the surface of the table from residual oil. That's it, you're done! The oil will take about 8 hours to dry.

If you have sanded the affected areas smoothly, the areas that have been repaired should literally have disappeared.

If you do not have one of our care kits for basic repair and maintenance you may order one HERE; or you may clean your product very lightly with distilled water.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to call @ 208.793.0007 or email @

Thank you for your purchase of a beautiful WoodLab custom piece of furniture!
For more info, here is a general overview video about maintaining an Osmo finish.

Here is the video linked above: