About WoodLab

From "tree to table," we love producing locally sourced, sustainable, and eco-friendly furniture, art & home goods from our full-service modern woodshop in Eagle, Idaho.

WoodLab team

Founded in November 2017, we're a team of woodworkers, builders, artisans, entrepreneurs, makers and visionaries who see the potential in people and things and enjoy the process of restoration and refinement.

Each piece is unique and has a story: a local urban tree was rescued, milled, air-dried and kiln-dried over a couple years' time in order to be properly prepared for your custom piece. It's a labor of love by locals. 

milling local Idaho slabs

Throughout the production process, we craft with respect for history, modern sustainable practices and heirloom quality so that you can enjoy your one-of-a-kind piece for a lifetime.

In order to give our clients plenty of options, we have the largest selection of locally sourced, sustainable, kiln-dried wood slabs that we produce our furniture and art from. Some slabs are also available for sale.

Idaho wood slabs

We exclusively use eco-friendly epoxy resins and low-VOC finishes to protect people and planet, such as: EcoPoxy, the most eco-friendly resin on the market; Festool's superb sanders; Osmo low-VOC commercial-quality wood finishes and Odie's Oil hard wax. 

We also offer design services, CNC and laser etching. 

Interested in seeing some of pieces or commissioning a river table or special piece for your home or place of work? We'd love to chat. Please contact us to set up an appointment or to inquire about our company and products. Thank you for your interest in our work!