By product type

Finishing Products

We use eco-friendly finishes to provide the safest and cleanest experience for anyone who uses our products.

  • For furniture, we use Osmo then apply a final ceramic coating.
  • For boards and smaller goods, we use Odie's Oil.

Resins & Epoxies

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly epoxy in all our products.

  • For most pours, we use SuperClear's Liquid Glass or Ecopoxy's Flowcast.
  • For larger holes and voids, we fill them using Ecopoxy's UVpoxy.
  • For defect correction, we use Starbond CA glue.

Bases & Legs

We work with local welders to fabricate our bases, and are pre-designed or custom-designed by local designers.

  • For sit/stand desks, we use Uplift Desk™ Bases.


We try to source our wood locally whenever possible, but we accept wood species from across the globe. Our primary woods are Black Walnut and American Elm.


We use a wide variety of equipment and tools to get the job done. These are some of our more notable uses:

  • For flattening and sanding large pieces, we use a 52" wide belt sander.
  • For general and finished sanding, we use Festool orbit sanders.
  • For custom pieces & designs, we use a CNC machine.
  • For logos & QR codes, we use a laser engraver.
  • For applying final coats of finish, we use orbital sander/polishers equipped with buffer/polishing pads.
  • We also use standard shop tools such as jig and table saws, Various hardware for mounting legs, and microfiber cloths for handling finished surfaces.