Furniture Care Guide


  • Osmo oils take about 8 hours to dry. Plan accordingly and avoid using areas where the oil is wet during maintenance.
  • We use a ceramic final coating on our products, but we do not include it in a maintenance kit at this time.

 For cleaning:

  • Follow the instructions on the osmo spray cleaner we include in your maintenance kit.
  • If you do not have a maintenance kit, you may clean the surface with distilled water and wipe clean with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

For stains, scratches, or deeper marks:

First, use the 400 grit grey sanding pad that is included in your maintenance kit and lightly sand the areas that need it. Once the area is sanded to your liking, wipe away any of the sawdust so the surface is now free of any material and ready to be oiled.

  • Take care to smoothly sand the affected areas down. When done properly, the repaired area should not be noticeable. 
  • If the areas do not even out as desired, consider using a lower grit sand paper and orbital sander, which will remove more material faster. You can spot-sand the table surface or the entire surface as needed.
  • If you use a lower-grit sand paper to remove any affected areas, you will have to sand up until you reach 400 again. For example, if you sanded with 240-grit, sand again with 320 and then 400.

Next, open the can of Osmo 3043 oil and stir thoroughly. Cut a small 2" × 4" piece off the white Scotch-Brite pad and dip the pad into the Osmo. Coat the white pad lightly, using as little oil as possible.

Then, use the white pad to gently and evenly apply the oil to the sanded areas of the table. Let the oil rest for about 5 minutes after being applied.

Finally, Grab a blue paper shop towel and gently buff off the oil that has not absorbed into the wood. Make sure there are no streaks in the surface of the table from residual oil.

That's it, you're done! The oil will take about 8 hours to dry.



If you live in the treasure valley and would like us to service your piece for you, reach out to us and we can arrange an appointment for you.