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Barkin' Resin Triangle Epoxy Earrings

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The piece you will receive is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art. Once purchased this listing will be removed and there will never be another one like it!

These pieces of jewelry were hand-crafted by a local business, and we consign their work for them.

Note that the epoxy may have a varying level of transparency, which may not be visible in the photo.

The Wood

We source urban rescued wood, which means that the trees used were felled electively by homeowners and businesses due to space constraints or minor damage. We work with local mills and arborists to ensure the trees were sustainably salvaged right here in the Treasure Valley or in nearby Eastern Oregon.

 Once milled, the wood is air-dried for over a year and then kiln-dried for optimal moisture content and usability.

The Epoxy Resin

We fill voids using EcoPoxy™ FlowCast - the most eco-friendly epoxy resin on the market. It creates a seamless, integrated attachment to the wood, ensuring integrity and food safety.


We love what we do and we would love to hear from you! Please send us your custom requests, process questions or other inquiries.

About WoodLab

From "tree to table," WoodLab handcrafts custom solid wood + resin furniture & home goods that are sustainable, local, eco-friendly and heirloom quality.

Each piece has a story - from the wood growing up strong in local urban properties, to our friend + family team, to the design process that optimizes the wood's character and the great care we put into crafting and finishing each piece.

We build with respect for historical craftsmanship and modern sustainable practices so that you can enjoy your Idaho made one-of-a-kind piece for a lifetime.

Thank you for supporting a local, sustainable-focused business!