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Black Walnut Coffee Table with Smokey Grey River

Regular price $2,685.00 USD
Regular price $3,125.00 USD Sale price $2,685.00 USD

 A Coffee Table crafted from beautiful Black Walnut wood. It has a river of smokey grey epoxy running down the middle, transparent enough you can actually look through it to a degree. The effect in the epoxy is incredible, perfectly resembling wisps of smoke dancing through the air.


Dimensions: 41" long X 41" wide X 1.5"+ thick X 17.5" high 

Our Process

All items are handmade in Boise, Idaho using reclaimed and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We design and create each table from scratch, selecting each piece of wood for it's unique grain and character, then prep and create each item with a meticulous fabrication and finishing routine until it's perfect. Each piece is made with pride and designed to reflect its own individual character. This means that each piece will be unique and there will be slight variations from the photos.

Custom Orders:

Since each piece is unique, we can custom create a similar table, with your own tastes and needs incorporated. Please contact for a custom quote.