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Osmo Brush Cleaner / Thinner

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Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner (8000) is a premium quality brush cleaner and thinner that is more effective than cheaper alternatives at cleaning and thinning solvent-based products. the benzene-free, low odor formula makes it more pleasant to use than harsh white spirits and meths. It is effective at cleaning a wide range of paint rollers, brushes and painting utensils including Osmo brushes. It can also be used with Osmo wood oils.

A benzene-free, low odour, brush cleaner and thinner suitable for a wide range of professional and DIY products and projects.

Size: 1 liter

  • A premium quality, Benzene-free, low odor brush cleaner and thinner
  • Effective at cleaning solvent-based products from brushes and rollers
  • Helps promote longevity of the bristles and fibers of brushes and rollers
  • Perfect for removing Osmo oils and waxes
  • Very high V.O.C.